Wake Up To A Garden You Love!

Native gardens designed, installed and maintained with help from our team of Wildflower Whisperers

Encourage Local Birds and Native Bees

At Western Wildflower Gardens, we bring nature home to your garden!

Year Round Colour

Our Wildflower Whisperer's are experts at picking WA wildflowers to suit your home garden!

Everlasting Daisy Project

Every year we help develop WA's largest native daisy seed bank with the help of Hazel Dempster!

Rediscover the Joy of Native Gardening

We are all about finding the time to connect with your garden and really enjoy the time spent outside amongst the gumtrees!

Plant for Long Term Success

We don't want gardening to be a chore, that's why our expert Wildflower Whisperer's choose natives that suit your lifestyle!